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Managing Director

Fran Kerr


I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapeutic Child and Adult Therapist and Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor, EMDR and NLP coaching practitioner and a senior qualified Hypnotherapist, offering short and long term therapies with adults, teenagers, children and families.  I have 20 years experience in this field and specialise in therapeutic assessments, attachment, trauma and dissociation.


Peter Haggerston


I’m an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.  I work with adults, children and families and I’m trained to work with complex trauma, attachment and dissociation.  I am an EMDR and EMDR Flash technique practitioner and a clinical hypnotherapist.  I've supported children and adults for over 11 years.​

Emma Hughes


I am a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor, and EMDR Practitioner. I am trained in Solihull Approach Parenting and in Family Group Conferencing (FGC).  I've supported children and families in various settings for over 16 years.  I am responsible for all Child Protection and safeguarding of our services. 


Meet our team of therapists and counsellors

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Our friendly, caring, and experienced team of psychotherapeutic therapists and counsellors are here to help you and your family.  We work mostly in our offices in Stockton-on-Tees and some work in Leeds.  


External Team

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Dr Andy Dalziell is our Neuromotor Development Specialist, supporting NEATS by helping our young people with a wide range of learning and behavioural difficulties, as well as those who are underachieving.  He provides personal intervention support programmes, whilst supporting the whole family to achieve the success they are striving for.

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Dr Colleen Mercer Quinn is our Consultant Clinical Psychologist.  Dr Colleen plays a significant supporting role in our external clinical supervision and our specialist young person and family assessment.  NEATS and our service users will benefit hugely from Dr Colleen's extensive experience in service provision within the NHS, Health and Social Care, Education and CAMHS.

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Dr John Price is our Educational Psychologist, with over 30 years experience within the field of education, much of this spent working with young people deemed too challenging to be managed within mainstream settings.  Dr John will provide support for our young people, their parents and family and school staff through consultation, assessment, intervention and training.

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Kate Smith is our Specialist Occupational Therapist, specialising in neurodiverse populations and trauma.  Kate will provide a specialist service to our young people ensuring therapeutic support is accessible and integrated into home and classroom.  Assessment and treatment include sensory processing, behavioural analysis, affective mental health conditions and motor/co-ordination difficulties. 

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Dr James Isaacson is our Chiropractor, working closely with Dr Andy and providing a professional, warm, empathic approach with our young people.  Chiropractic is founded on the scientific premise that the brain and nervous system can deliver its impulses and messages for the proper function of the body's tissues, organ's and system's.

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Martin Davies is our Specialist Physiotherapist and will be working alongside NEATS and supporting our young people and their families.  Martin has been a Chartered Physiotherapist for more than 13 years and practices on the premise of 1. Education (to understand the symptoms 2. Hands on treatment 3. Home exercises.

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Andrew Pearce is our Couple's Therapist and preferred psychotherapeutic provider.  Andrew will support parents who, due to difficulties they face in supporting their young people, may have relationship issues.  Andrew understands the difficulties and the impact of trauma on relationships and will provide the support needed to overcome and prevent breakdown.  

NEATS Business Team


Sandra Thompson

Business Hub

Admin Manager

Brooke Williams 

Admin Officer


Catherine Foo

Admin Officer

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Jack O'Brien 

Finance Manager

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Matthew Hiscocks