NEATS Therapeutic Life Story Work

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NEATS Approach


  • NEATS Therapy Team has extensive experience in completing Life Story work.  This work is aimed at helping children, young people and adults to understand about their personal history, to support them in coming to terms with acceptance, and equipping them to deal with any adversity. 

How Therapeutic Life Story Work works

  • Firstly, NEATS Therapy Team will identify and work with key people and professionals in the individuals support network to establish if it’s the right time to introduce such work.   If this is the right time to go ahead, NEATS will research and gather relevant historical information to support the individual in building a picture of their family history and their life journey up to an agreed point

  • NEATS will provide the child, young person or adult with answers to the what, when, how and why questions about their early life experiences.  All the work undertaken is underpinned by child development, trauma and attachment theories, and offers:

    • emotional support and the right level of therapeutic intervention – this will help safe consideration of what and how they can access things and people when needed

    • emotional regulation to manage any difficult feelings

    • emotional literacy to help to recognise, reflect on and express feelings

    • ego-strengthening to help develop and build resilience to support them to know exactly who they are and what they are capable of  

    • help to consider which parts of their life story they wish to share with others and which to remain private

    • celebrate achievements and recognition of overcoming adversity


  • NEATS will discuss Life Story service timescales and arrangements with the referring body and/or the individual.  The pace, progress and timing will be led by the individual and by the end of the service, a full Life Story will be provided covering all the significant events and relationships identified.

Who is Therapeutic Life Story Work for?

NEATS will work with children, young people and adults aged from 10 to 25.  The child must be known to Local Authority Children’s Services and social worker will obtain informed consent from the child before making a referral.

The process/model we follow is one that:

  • begins in the present and works towards gently engaging the individual

  • communicating in an age appropriate manner, e.g. using play therapy for children

  • interacting in a way that raises the individual’s confidence, self-worth, and self-efficacy

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