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Here at North East Adoption Therapy Services (NEATS), our main focus is to provide specialised therapy and counselling, including therapeutic life story work, to children, young adults, adults and families who have been brought together by adoption. 

Our aim at NEATS is to enable children, who are not able to live with their birth families, to grow up in safe and nurturing adoptive families, where they are able to find their right path and reach their full potential.

We help children to have positive self-esteem, be able to make friends and grow up in a family where fun and laughter are part of everyday life.

For the adult who was adopted as a child, such difficulties can carry over into adulthood.  Adoption has a huge impact on the lives of everyone involved and the emotional impact is likely to be lifelong. 

At NEATS, we understand that adopted adults have likely endured many challenges.  Our specially trained team of therapists will ensure they get the right help and support to overcome the psychological effects of adoption.

We work closely with families, so parents understand their own histories and are enabled to integrate their experiences into their parenting models.  This empowers them to see and understand the impact of trauma on their children.  Our own attachment histories impact the way in which attachment and bonding is expressed in the parent - child relationship.  NEATS therapy team will help overcome any difficulties in this area. 

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NEATS is also pleased to offer a wide range of non-adoption related therapy and counselling support services for adults and young people individually.  We also offer dyadic services to families, including parent/carer(s) and young people. 

Therapy requests/referrals are welcome from individuals, local authorities, doctors, dentists, schools, agencies, insurance companies, solicitors and courts.

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